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This is one of the most valued crops, with a history dating back more than 4,000 years. Already in ancient times it was known for its extraordinary properties, not only as food, but also for therapeutic and nourishing qualities. These seeds are protected by hulls and that is what we use in our products. Hulls are hard, but at the same time flexible, so they have the ability to adjust to the body shape. Already centuries ago they were used as filler for pillows and mattresses for rich people living in luxury. Currently, none of the artificial materials is able to compete with buckwheat in terms of comfort, ergonomics and health values.

Learn about the priceless features of hulls and their application. Here are just some of them:

Allergenic properties – red eyes, itchy skin or early morning runny nose will soon be forgotten. Buckwheat does not cause allergy, in addition it contains theanine, a substance which hinders the development and reproduction of dust mites and bacteria.

Anti-​bedsore properties – pillows or mattresses filled with hull spontaneously adapt to the position of the lying person preventing pressure ulcers and skin sore.

Absorb moisture – scales allow a continuous exchange of heat and moisture between the body and its surroundings, which make the mattress or pillow do not heat up from the body temperature and absorbs perspiration to evaporate it into the environment.

A better relaxation, less stress – buckwheat properties include neutralization of harmful electromagnetic radiation; it is also an excellent reflector.

Stimulate microcirculation and peripheral circulation – accessories filled with buckwheat hulls can be successfully used as products for body massage, stimulating microcirculation and peripheral circulation.

Thermal comfort – a simple pillow filled with synthetic material heats up very quickly, while with buckwheat hull it maintains a constant, comfortable temperature, ensuring a pleasant and relaxing night’s sleep. This stops the continuous turning of pillows to the cooler side.


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