OSpelt is an old and a little bit underrated grain genre, which was known in ancient times. It was grown in the Middle East and Europe, as well as in the Caucasus and Mesopotamia. In the 12th century, the Prioress of a Benedictine monastery said about it: “spelt leads to good blood, gives a relaxed character and virtue of satisfaction.” Most people probably associate it with taste values, but its use is much wider. You’ll think: “cereal is just cereal” – right? Well, it is not. It is known for many great health benefits and medicinal properties, often at an almost metaphysical level – as it is characterized by exceptionally favorable radiation, creating a healthy bio-​field, improving the work of the nervous system, minimizing symptoms of depression and mitigating all sorts of aches and pains. Thanks to these features, it is perfect as healthy and natural fill for mattresses and pillows.

Scale spelt has a number of beneficial effects:

Pain relieve – stop morning pains of the spine and muscles. On this mattress you’ll sleep like never before and the positive bio-​field generated by scales reduces discomfort in rheumatic diseases.

Anti-​sweat – sheets drenched with sweat? Is a thing of the past! Scales perfectly absorb moisture and give it to the air, so that it is always dry and does not heat up from body heat.

Anti-​bedsore – a loose structure of the mattress causes the mattress to adapt to the shape of the body and does not create pressure points. It is an excellent choice for people forced to be lying long term in one position.

Facilitate rehabilitation – reduces muscle and ligaments tension, rehabilitation activities are thus easier and more effective.

Improve blood circulation -While sleeping on the mattress, the body is gently massaged, which has a beneficial effect on blood circulation in limbs.

Ensure better quality of sleep –you will not remember the night spent on this mattress, because you’ll simply have a good sleep!

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