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You treat stones as waste? No wonder, they are inedible. Boil them and make compote is hard; alternatively, you can make a cherry liqueur, however we do not recommend it, because they contain traces of hydrogen cyanide. There is a different, better and much healthier option to use cherry stones and you probably don’t have a clue what it is.


Stones have an amazing feature to store and retain heat. According to an urban legend, this feature was discovered by cherry liqueur factory workers in Switzerland, when it turned out that pouches with hot stones can be used as a painkilling compress. It’s obviously just a legend, because these properties were already known much earlier and used in natural medicine to relieve different types of pain. In reality, anyone can make such compress by himself, all you need is a cotton bag and a few handfuls of dried cherry stones. The bag filled with stones must be sew up and then put n a radiator. After heating up – you will get a hot water bottle. And not just any bottle! It maintains heat more effectively than any traditional hot water bottle

Warm compress bag with cherry stones brings relief:

In abdominal pain, colic, flatulence, menstrual pain

Sinus, joints and muscle pain

In neurological and rheumatic ailments

Eliminates muscle soreness, warms frozen hands and feet..

Cherry stones maintain also cold. Cool compresses will help for:

Bruises, swelling, bleeding from the nose

Relieve headaches and migraines

Berth into the red and itchy insect bites


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