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Flaxseed is a word derived from Latin and means “the most beneficial”. The plant itself is most likely from the Middle East and is considered one of the oldest plants supposedly cultivated already in the Neolithic era. Both – seeds and garments made of flax fiber were found in ancient tombs. Flaxseed has a softening, soothing, anti-​inflammatory, antibacterial, shielding, laxative, anti-​sclerotic, strengthening and regenerating properties. Externally, they may be used in chronically ill people who are forced to stay in one position for a long time (mattresses filled with flax-​seed prevent bedsores). Wraps of squeezed and infused flaxseeds are use for rheumatic pain. An eypillows or a heat pads with seeds can be used in various situations and for various purposes – analgesic, antipyretic, relaxing or massaging.

Flaxseed provides a gentle warmth that accelerates recovery. This seed comes from a flower, therefore it contains about 30-​40% of oil, which causes it to accumulate more heat than grain and retain it for a longer time. After heating, the eye pillow keeps its heat for at least one hour. The weight of grains is appropriate and delicate, which is why that kind of seeds are chosen by delicate people. Thanks to its anti-​inflammatory properties, flax influences the reduction of fever, therefore cooling the band in the refrigerator and placing it on the neck or head, gently and naturally lowers body temperature. Remember that artificial temperature depression can negatively affect our immune system. Thanks to natural methods, the body can still fight the infection without weakening our immunity. Flax, thanks to the fact that it is natural, does not cool down to the degree to cause tingling or cold.


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