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Rock salt is like an elixir for our body. It can be used as a warm or cold compress, which will help our body in many situations. Salt compresses are an invaluable help in the case of severe aches. Precious salt ingredients act detoxifyingly and purifyingly on our body. The heated salt slowly releases heat, which penetrates inside, relaxes our muscles and tendons. It has analgesic and anti-​inflammatory properties. Hot salt wraps help with “sinus” pains, abdominal pain, cystitis, inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, back pain or cold hands and feet. A warm salt pillow can be applied to the forehead, head, neck, joints, back or any place that need it. A cold salt compress reduces swelling, edema and inflammation. Salt compresses also bring benefits when salt is left at room temperature. Natural medicine doctors recommend a good type of rock and sea salts. In our store you will find rock salt from Kłodawa and Himalayan salt.


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