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Himalayan salt is an invaluable source of 84 minerals. In Poland, it is becoming more and more popular. It contains, among others: hydrogen, phosphorus, iron, sulfur, lime, coal, copper, titanium, aluminum. After extraction, it is not subjected to additional treatment, thanks to which it retains its composition and an unusual pink color. Its properties are known not only in the kitchen. Himalayan salt formed for millions of years in the eastern belt of the Himalayan Karakorum, in Pakistan, where once there was a salty ocean.

Pillows with salt should be found in every home because they are a safe and effective method of relieving pain and muscle tension. The pillows work well after both heating slightly and after cooling and applying for muscle aches, tendons, migraines, headaches and problems with sinuses. It is useful in the treatment of colds, prophylaxis of arthritis, arthritis and rheumatic diseases. Both eating it or using it in the form of baths, inhalations and even additives to cosmetics bring amazing effects in improving beauty and health. Pink salt moisturizes and cleans the air, which is why it is recommended for use during sleep. A salt cushion can be used after being gently heated in the oven, in the sun or on a heater, after cooling in a refrigerator and at its natural, room temperature. Remember to always protect the cushion from getting dirty or soaked, so use a casserole dish before putting the cushion in the oven.


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