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Lavender officinalis is valued above all for its very intense essential oils, widely used in cosmetics and air fresheners.


Lavender is also used in cooking and in herbalism. In addition, it shows many healthy effects, therefore it is used as additive in many dietary supplements and natural medicine in form of dried fodder, essential oils or ointments. Lavender helps in the treatment of tooth pain, mold diseases, mouth ulcers, and inflammation of the throat and relieves ovulation pain. A lavender infusion calms, reduces feelings of irritability, eliminates headache and is also helping in sleeping problems. It has beneficial effects on the digestive system and releases gases and bloating. Lavender oil is antiseptic, helps in the healing of wounds, burns and ulcers. Soothes insect stings, reduces pain, swelling and inflammation.

Lavender is rich in flavonoids, tannins, coumarin and volatile oils – containing up to 40 substances including linalyl acetate, cineole, linalool, nerol, borneol. All this is the reason that lavender is considered to be a herb with really extraordinary properties. To use it every day, you might want to prepare a Lavender additive for I Love Grain pillows. Simply insert a few leaves of dried lavender into the pillow covers, to be able to enjoy this wonderful aroma every time when you put your head on the pillow.

Ready-​made lavender bags you can buy in our shop or prepare your own mix of blends that you’ll add into your I Love Grain pillow. This way, you’ll enrich the healing properties of the hulls and you will be soothed to sleep by this wonderful lavender scent, which gently will spread all over the bedroom.


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