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Rosemary is widely used as spice for a better taste of home cooking, but it’s not the only use of this very useful plant.


Thanks to numerous health properties, Rosemary is part of many herbal compounds, medicinal infusions, tea or ointments. It can be added to the bath and also be used as filling for pillows, enriching thus the healing effects of hulls. It includes among others diosmetin, which strengthens the blood vessels, has beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system, raises low blood pressure and improves memory and concentration. It is also used as support in treating Raynaud’s syndrome, depression, apathy, and nervous exhaustion. Studies have proven that rosmaricine acts as a stimulant and analgesic. Volatile essential oils have pain-​relieving and refreshing properties.

Rosemary as additive in I Love Grain pillows

This herb smells wonderfully and is perfect as additive in I Love Grain pillows, complementing the healing properties of cereal hulls. We encourage you to purchase both Rosemary and its mix with dried Verbena or pine needles. The Rosemary supplement should be exchanged every few weeks or when the aroma evaporates. In our offer we have special aromatic bags with different type of herbal cartridges to choose from. Thanks to this additive you will feel as in a forest clearing while lying in your bed; and the sleep will be even healthier and even more relaxing.


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