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This beautiful plant with purple flowers, growing wildly on many Polish meadows, finds a wide use as decoration, in medicine and infusions.


Verbena came to us from America, and today it is widely occurring herb, growing wildly also in Poland. The Indians used this herb to the strengthen dreams during rituals, but it was also known for its healing, anti-​inflammatory and soothing properties. Verbena tea improves liver function and has beneficial effects on the respiratory and nervous system; it also has diaphoretic and slightly diuretic properties. Verbena aromatic oils work beneficial on the respiratory system, soothe and relieve migraine headaches. This herb is also readily used for cooking in order to improve the flavor of dishes. Reportedly magical properties were attributed to this plant, though these, of course, have never been proven, but who knows…?

Verbena as filling for I Love Grain pillows

Due to its captivating aroma, Verbena is an excellent ingredient to create different kind of fragrance blends with soothing and relaxing effect, it favors also a healthy sleep. Specially for our customers we have prepared Verbena scented bags for use as additive for I Love Grain pillows or as air freshener. Verbena bags will make your bedroom and bedclothes smell beautifully and if you believe the stories about magical properties of this herb, it might also protect you from evil forces.


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