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Natural products are healthy, but are all creations of nature actually ecological? Much depends on how and where they are cultivated. Farmlands located close to roads, where artificial fertilizers and pesticides are being used, can hardly be called ecological. The hulls obtained from organically grown cereals have biological value, which you won’t find in case of cereals that are grown using chemical fertilizers, where the biological value decreases by at least 50%. Artificial additives, pesticides, as well as atmospheric pollution affect the reduction in the quality of crops. Selecting grains, we avoid above all pesticides and nitrates, which have a negative impact on our body. Pesticides damage the work of many of the internal organs; deregulate the hormonal balance and lower resistance to infections. Nitrite at high levels in the body may cause cyanosis of infants and children, and after a prolonged use – are leading to cancer. These substances can enter the body through the skin, therefore, we especially verify whether the grains used at I Love Grain are cultivated on organic farms.

To keep all the beneficial qualities of cereals, it is necessary to care for their quality at every stage – beginning from the crops, through storing and distribution, and ending with the process itself. We pay attention to every aspect in order to guarantee our customers complete security and satisfaction. The ecological grain hulls have hypoallergenic properties; inhibit the growth of microorganisms, bacteria and dust mites. In addition, they block the adverse electromagnetic field, and the quiet rustle of grains pouring inside the pillowcase soothes nerves and helps sleeping.

I Love Grain mean not only eco-​friendly pillows, but a return to the most natural environment as the nature is. We use all this, which is given to us by the Earth in best possible way and use also the knowledge transmitted by our ancestors. They knew very well that nature will take care of us, provided that we will take care of the nature.

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