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Jasminum officinale Linne the olive family – Oleaceae, has been used in herbal medicine for years. For example in jasmine oil production or various kinds of infusions and teas.

Philadelphus coronarius L. is a member of the rocky family and is native to South and Southeastern Europe. Jasmine flowers contain flavonoids and essential oil rich in nonneal farnezol, nopinone (3-​4%), humuline epoxide, terpinolen and others. Jasmine flower is used as aromatherapy in order to attenuate, calm and calm the excessively stimulated mind. Therefore, at I Love Grain we decided to introduce this herb to our pillows and accessories. Customers who love jasmine scent, will always be able to feel it close, sleeping on their favorite pillow I Love Grain or putting an eyepillow to relax the eyes.

The scent of jasmine even in small concentration is beneficial for the nervous system, stimulates the brain, prevents depression, apathy and indifference. In addition, it helps with premenstrual syndrome, gynecological diseases, equalizes the menstrual cycle, relieves pain during labour. Jasmine has always been recognized as a flower of confidence and optimism. In addition, it stimulates milk production in breast-​feeding women. Interestingly, the smell of jasmine acts as an aphrodisiac. Its sexual activity intensifies the sex drive and sensitivity to sexual stimuli. Once women were cold and men with impotence problems used Jasmine as a remedy.


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