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Rosa centifolia is a species of rose, which appeared relatively recently, because it was only in the 16th century in France. It is not called a stifling rose, as you can easily guess, because it has an unusually large number of petals, usually in red or pink. Since there are many petals, this rose blooms are quite heavy and often simply fall, forming a kind of shoots. Let’s take a look at its health characteristics. With a delicate and soothing aroma, the rose bites our body and mind. It allows us to relax deeply, relax and improve our mood and attitude. It has calming and depressing properties. Rose petals added to the wrist band have a positive effect on the skin of the face and around the eyes, toning it, soothing irritation and adding radiance. In addition, in prolonged use use of computer screens and television the rose will bring relief to the swollen and tired eyes and reduce the effects of tension.


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