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Natural products are healthy, but are all nature's products really organic? A lot depends on the method and place of cultivation. Cultivated fields located near roads, where artificial fertilizers and pesticides are used, are hard to call ecological. Hulls obtained from organically grown cereals have a biological value that cannot be found in the case of cereals cultivated using chemical fertilizers, where the biological value decreases by a minimum of 50%. Artificial additives, pesticides, as well as atmospheric pollution reduce the quality of cultivated plants. When choosing cereals, we mainly avoid pesticides and nitrates, which have a negative effect on our body. Pesticides damage the work of many internal organs, deregulate the hormonal balance and reduce resistance to infection. Nitrites at high levels in the body can cause cyanobacteria in infants and children, and lead to cancer after prolonged use. These substances can get into the body through the skin, which is why we pay particular attention to whether the cereals used in I Love Grain are grown on organic farms. The fact that the husk comes from organic farming means that it has not been sprayed chemically to accelerate its growth, extend its lifespan or combat pests. For what is natural there is always the possibility that an "unwanted guest" may appear. Due to the closed structure of spelled and emmer husk, they are more exposed to it than in the case of buckwheat and millet hulls, which have an open structure.To preserve all the beneficial features of cereals, it is necessary to care for their quality at every stage - from cultivation, through storage and distribution, to processing. We pay attention to every aspect to guarantee our clients full security and satisfaction. Organic cereal husks have anti-allergic effects, inhibit the growth of microorganisms, bacteria and mites. In addition, they block the unfavorable electromagnetic field, and the quiet rustle of spilling grains inside the pillowcase soothes the nerves and helps you fall asleep.

I Love Grain is not only ecological pillows, but a return to the most natural environment that is nature. In the best way we use what the earth gives us and use the knowledge that our ancestors had. They knew perfectly well that nature would take care of us, but only if we took care of it.

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