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Wheat is not equal wheat. Many of its varieties has been long forgotten – among them emmer wheat, which was the basis for food of our ancestors. Now we rediscover its health-​promoting properties, using it not only in the kitchen, but also as filling in household elements and toys.Emmer wheat was one of the first cultivated varieties – it was sown in the Middle East already about 10 thousand years BC. As the researchers say, it was also popular in Poland, where she was found until the 7th century. Emmer seed is unique in many ways. It has wide nutritional properties and the contained gluten has not such strong allergenic properties as the common wheat that is why it is being recommended to people with celiac disease and gluten intolerance.

Emmer wheat is not necessarily the only source of the highly prized grain. Also the hulls have a number of valuable health properties. Is primarily supple and lightweight, which makes it the ideal fill for pillows. These are, however, not all its advantages! Household items filled with this type of grain work on many senses at once. Not only they will affect the nerve endings, but also impress with subtle, honeyed aroma, secreted by the grain. Equally relaxing can be the gentle rustling of hulls moving inside the pillow cover.

When selecting grains and hulls, we avoid pesticides and nitrates, which have a negative effect on our body. Pesticides damage the work of many internal organs, disrupt the hormonal balance and lower resistance to infections. High levels of nitrite in the body can cause cyanosis in infants and children, and lead to cancer after prolonged use. These substances can enter the body through the skin, so we especially pay attention to whether the grains used in I Love Grain are grown on organic farms. The fact that the husk comes from organic farming means that it has not been sprayed chemically to accelerate its growth, extend its lifespan or combat pests. For what is natural there is always the possibility that an "unwanted guest" may appear. Due to the closed structure of spelled and emmer husk, they are more exposed to it than in the case of buckwheat and millet hulls, which have an open structure.

The basic properties of the emmer hulls include:

Analgesic effect – a pillow filled with emmer wheat hull heated to about 50 degrees Celsius will provide ideal compress for sore muscles – especially as the hull will adapt to the aching place, enveloping it carefully.

Helps relax and calm down – soft and delicately scented filling soothes all the senses, allowing you to quickly set sail into the realm of sleep

Stimulates the nervous system – pillows filled with this type of grain not only fit perfectly to the body and let you discover a quality of sleep so far unknown, but also offer a gentle relaxing massage by moving hulls

Allows for a peaceful and restorative sleep – mattress filled with hull provides the ability a natural – which means fully comfortable – position during sleep.


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