We live in a world of constant traffic, stress and tension. We are chasing after money, career, we strive to provide a good living for our family often forgetting how important for our health and well-​being is a life in balance with nature and ourselves.I Love Grain is an initiative of two friends – Basia and Justyna. Before we came up with the idea to found the company, we observed life in a big city; his momentum, our world and the world of our acquaintances and friends. We spend most of our life at work, full of stress and in a constant hurry, noting the time flying by and the fact that a return to nature is not only inevitable but also necessary.

We started to implement changes into our life, both small and radical, in terms of diet, relaxation, desire to slowdown life and return to nature. We noticed that an additional link is the comfort during sleep. It’s hard to find visually appealing, comfortable but above all healthy sleeping pillows and sitting poufs for both adults and especially for children. In the absence of alternatives we came up with something for ourselves, then for our friends, and gathering extremely positive feedback, we decided to present our offer to a wide public.


These are not ordinary everyday objects – they are much more. That is why we pay special attention to the manufacturing process, giving the accessories a unique look. As fillers we use ecological hulls of buckwheat, spelt, emmer wheat and mustard seeds, rice and various kinds of herbs, taking advantage of their natural health and relaxation properties. We cordially invite you to familiarize with the offer of I Love Grain and wish you a pleasant rest and fun!

We want for you that while resting on our products, your world become a more comfortable, healthier and more aware place, and that playing with your children will become an entirely new experience, being not only an entertainment, but also a learning experience.


Pillows are designed in such a way as to allow you an easy adjustment of its thickness. Thanks to a sewn in zip, you can refill or pour out the right amount of hulls. You can always add your favorite herbs; emitting soothing or refreshing aroma and having health promoting effects. Pillows filled with grains adapt easily to the shape of the head and neck. No other cushion will so perfectly match you.

In contrast to artificial materials natural pillows do not collect electric charges, which improves the sleeping comfort and does not cause problems with picking up static. Already for years bed linens of natural ingredients are used in natural medicine. Thanks to the antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties of grain hulls and cotton, these pillows are recommended for allergy sufferers and people with lowered system immunity. Also tannin contained in hulls has as anti-​inflammatory effect; it inhibits the growth of bacteria and dust mites. In addition, the grains block electromagnetic fields, which have a positive effect on the quality of sleep and mood.


The I Love Grain sleeping pillow is filled with ecological hulls of cereals of Polish crops that meet high standards, so that we can ensure clean, organic hulls without pesticides and chemicals. The pillow is hypoallergenic, does not heat up, so we do not sweat like on artificial cushions and the flexible hulls gently massage head and neck which increases the comfort of sleep. The pillow cover is made of 100% white cotton, a sewn in zip allows you to adjust the amount of hulls to suit your needs. While falling asleep you’ll hear the gentle rustling of shifting hulls, that will soothe the nerves, will help you fall asleep and will make you feel even closer to nature. A special zipper closure prevents accidental pouring of hulls and the soft edges make the zip undetectable during sleep.


During the manufacturing process of our products we use best-​in-​class certified, natural materials. We focus always on the highest quality, not allowing ourselves to use cheaper replacements. Our customers are 100% sure that they are buying only the best accessories. We can guarantee that this will never change.

To fully enjoy the natural filling of pillows and use their incredible health properties, materials that we use to sew pillows must also be natural. For sewing pillow cases we use the best quality linen and 100% cotton from the best, experienced producers

We buy only raw materials with OEKO-​TEX certificates of I class and threads with OECO-​TEX 100 certificates. We do it to meet the highest demands of our customers and provide healthy and safe accessories for both adults and children.

Natural fabrics have hypoallergenic and breathable properties. They do not stop moisture, so that they do not create a favorable environment for the development of micro-​organisms. Linen and cotton are durable and resistant materials, which are not worn through and destroyed even after frequent washing and many years of use, providing always same comfort and freshness as the first time.


Regular care and cleaning are necessary to be able to use pillows, poufs and other accessories by I Love the Grain as long as possible. These treatments do not require, however, the application of any special measures. Each product has its own cleaning description. Be sure to follow the tag indication, showing the washing, spinning and ironing method for the product. Virtually all accessories have a zip to help pouring out the filling, so that the pillow covers can be cleaned in a regular washing machine. Only bags and games are not suitable for washing, they should be kept clean as recommended.

The pillow hulls can be used even 10 years, however, to maintain its properties we recommend replacing the hulls after about a year, only then you can benefit from its best health properties. Different types of grains have different, individual properties, beneficial influencing health and well-​being. You should avoid contact with moisture products, however, if by any chance the pillow becomes wet, pour out the hulls and wash or dry the cover immediately. Please note whether the hulls are also wet, if so you need to dry them. Do not insert wet hulls back to pillow cases. At the end, fill back the hulls, be sure to close the zip tight and sleep well!

  • 30/​40ºC Initial water temperature should not exceed 30ºC – delicate
  • Do not bleach
  • Iron medium heat
  • Do not tumble dry – cotton and linen is natural so please do not


We care not only about convenience and health-​supporting properties of our products, but also about safety. Accessories for sleep, relaxation and fun cannot in any way pose a potential risk. Therefore, to make you fully enjoy our products, we decided to take care of every detail. Pillows & poufs have a sewn in bedlinen tape acting as a zip. That is why the zip does not have a handle, which could disturb while sleeping and most importantly, you can give the pillow to your children without fearing that they will get hurt or pour out the content of the pillowcase.

Zippers are sewn in such a way that they do not have contact with the skin; both sides are covered with 100% cotton. Pillows are sewn in double sem and overlock, so that they are very durable and will last, even if the children decide to have a pillow fight. Products are fully safe for young children; they do not contain any small parts. Toys and games meet safety approvals and are intended for children – in accordance with the specifications attached to the product.


Pillows & poufs are not standard functional elements. Their main goal is to create comfortable conditions for sleep and relaxation for both body and spirit. Cushions are sewn in standard sizes to fit the usual covers. You can also purchase our minimalist design pillowcases that easily matched to a wide variety of sets of bed linen. Thanks to such protection, the pillow itself gets not so easily dirty, and the cover can be washed without any problem – to be able to enjoy a healthy and comfortable sleep. Having a set of pillowcases you have the comfort of refilling the hulls immediately to a new pillow covers without having to store the hulls until the previous cover will be washed.

If you have not found a pillow size that most suits you, please contact us. In addition to the standard size we also offer pillows sewn to size. This service, however, requires earlier agreements and is associated with a separate valuation.


At I Love Grain we take care of every aspect – from using only the best materials for production of accessories, up to the care about the packaging process and shipment. We place our products in cardboard boxes made of 100% recycled paper. The boxes have an elegant look and are great as gift wrapping without having to purchase additional, decorative boxes. Also tags, pendants, bills, advertising materials, and even business cards are made of ecological paper, originating mainly from recycled paper.

Old cardboard boxes do not contain cellulose, and sometimes are enriched with fruits, vegetables or grains, being leftovers from an earlier operation, which gives an individual character of the raw material, mainly in terms of flavor. On each of the products you will find brief information about the great filling properties of the filling that you have selected.

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