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Buy an extra cover for the favorite I Love Grain pillow of your child! Thanks, to this, you can always easily wash the previously used cover and fill the new cushion with hulls.

The I Love the Grain cushion cover is made of thick cotton weave that is why the material is durable, elegant and exceptionally well to get along. It’s a natural, healthy and non-allergenic pillowcase - best for your child, who from today will sleep without any contact with artificial materials that build static and have a negative impact on health.

Precise sewing allows us to achieve the highest class of product. The used bed-tape is a durable, safe and comfortable solution providing calm sleep, for both adults and the youngest ones.

Package Weight 0.100kg
Size 30 cm x 40 cm
Product weight 0.060 kg

The I Love Grain pillowcases do not stop moisture, so that they do not create a favorable environment for the development of micro-organisms. Linen and cotton are durable and resistant materials, which are not worn through and destroyed even after frequent washing and many years of use, providing always same comfort and freshness as the first time. In view of the fact that the material used is 100% cotton, we recommend that you do not dry tumble cushions, which causes large material crushings.

Remember to always dry the pillowcase well before filling with hulls.

Sleep well with I Love Grain!

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