Two cotton pillowcases 50x60 cm - different colours



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Cotton pillowcase sewn in Poland, from the highest quality crumpled cotton. The pillowcase is very pleasant to the touch, soft and delicate. Cotton fabric is breathable, natural, allows the skin to breathe and gives the feeling of a natural and skin-friendly fabric that surrounds us. Taking care of safety, the lack of additional elements in the pillowcases, such as zippers or buttons, has been replaced with a tab.

All our products are hand-sewn in the workshop in Opole, therefore the delivery time may be extended by several working days.

Package Weight 1.000kg
Size 50 cm x 60 cm
Product weight 0.130 kg
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Thanks to their antibacterial properties, cotton and muslin bed linen and pillowcases are perfect for everyday use, both as bedding for children and adults. Both fabrics, naturally "crumpled", do not require additional ironing, which in the case of bed linen quite significantly affects its appearance. Such bedding keeps good and natural look and freshness for longer. These fabrics are natural, friendly to both the environment and human skin. They are perfect for allergy sufferers.

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