Different colours - Pillow with emmer hull 50x75cm - FOR SPECIAL ORDER

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Your natural, healthy and perfectly fitting pillow in the English size 50x75! From now on, the pillow filled with scales will allow you to fully relax, unwind and properly position the spine, neck and neck. The best quality natural cotton has antiallergic and breathable properties. It does not retain moisture, therefore it does not create an environment for the development of microorganisms. As you fall asleep, you will hear a gentle rustle of moving scales, which will soothe your nerves, help you fall asleep and make you feel even closer to nature. Here you can read more about spelt hull.

This pillow is made for a special order only, waiting time is from 7 to 10 working days.
The product is not returnable.

Package Weight 4.500kg
Size 50 cm x 75 cm
Grains Emmer Wheat Hull
Product weight 3.500 kg
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In contrast to artificial materials natural pillows do not collect electric charges, which improves the sleeping comfort and does not cause problems with picking up static. Already for years bed linens of natural ingredients are used in natural medicine. Thanks to the antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties of grain hulls and cotton, these pillows are recommended for allergy sufferers and people with lowered system immunity. Also tannin contained in hulls has as anti-inflammatory effect; it inhibits the growth of bacteria and dust mites. In addition, the grains block electromagnetic fields, which have a positive effect on the quality of sleep and mood.

For sewing pillow cases we use the best quality linen and 100% cotton from the best, experienced producers. We buy only raw materials with OEKO-TEX certificates of I class and threads with OECO-YEX 100 certificates. We do it to meet the highest demands of our customers and provide healthy and safe accessories for both adults and children.

Thanks to a proper maintenance you can enjoy the I Love Grain products as long as possible - the description of maintenance procedures you will find on the label. Each of the products has individual recommendations for washing, spinning and ironing. Description of the method how to care for the hulls properly you will find on our website www.ilovegrain.com.

The pillow hulls can be used even 10 years, however, to maintain its properties we recommend replacing the hulls after about a year, only then you can benefit from its best health properties. Remember to always fill the hulls into clean and well dried pillowcases to avoid moistening the hulls. Different types of grains have different, individual properties, beneficial influencing health and well-being.

ATTENCION! For those who have chosen buckwheat husks we recommend buying an additional pillowcase so that every month the husk can be transferred into a fresh pillowcase, to avoid discoloration. It allows the pillowcase to remain white and retain the aesthetic qualities.

Sleep well with I Love Grain!

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