Emmer hull for Gaja

Chwilowy brak produktu


If you want to replace your filling in a pillow, you can purchase grains or husks separately. Pour your existing filling into compost, garden or BIO waste, and add a new one to your lining.

The emmer wheat husks have a number of valuable pro-health properties. Above all, it is soft and light, which makes it an ideal pillow filling. However, these are not all her cars! The elements of equipment filled with this type of grain affect many senses at the same time. They not only have a positive effect on the nerve endings, but also delight with a subtle, honey aroma, emitted by the grain. The gentle rustle of scales moving in the upholstery can be equally relaxing.

The basic properties of emmer wheat husk include its analgesic, relaxing and relaxing effect, stimulating the nervous system. The flatworm also allows for a peaceful and restorative sleep.

Package Weight 1.500kg
Grains Emmer Wheat Hull
Product weight 1.000 kg
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