Ochronna antena telefoniczna I Love Grain


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PROTECTIVE TELEPHONE ANTENNA I LOVE GRAIN - a product that protects against electromagnetic smog, eliminates or significantly reduces the feeling of discomfort when using mobile phones and telephone calls.

By using the I Love Grain Protective Antenna, we can effectively reduce the occurrence of symptoms such as:

    • migraines

    • headaches

    • aches and tinnitus

    • ear and head warming

    • fits and epilepsy caused by excessive use of the mobile phone

    • sleep disturbances

    • the phone warms up

Package Weight 0.500kg
Diameter 4,5 cm

The I Love Grain antenna is an ultra-thin passive antenna that regulates and reduces radiation from the mobile phone without affecting the quality of the connection. The antenna has an unlimited life if it is covered by a protective case. It should be placed in the appropriate place, individual for different phone models. The package includes a device for the correct positioning of the sticker. You should strictly follow the instructions in the manual when placing the antenna on your phone.


    • recommended by doctors

    • approved by WHO (World Health Organization)

    • reduction of SAR * up to 99%

    • scientifically proven effectiveness and patented technology (EMITECH - independent laboratory)

    • 85% of satisfied users - www.fazupreviews.com

 * The Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) of a mobile phone is a widely recognized measure of the maximum exposure to electromagnetic radiation. This measure shows the amount of energy absorbed by your body and head while using the telephone handset.

The European standard imposes a SAR level of less than 2 watts per kilogram of body weight (W / kg). So you can choose your cell phone based on the SAR level of the model in question.

The lower the SAR, the lower the radiation exposure level.

Publication: The Influence of Electromagnetic Pollution on Living Organisms: Historical Trends and Forecasting Changes.

A link to the instructions on how to stick the antenna can be found HERE.


All positions of new phones are updated HERE. If your phone model has just appeared on the market and is not yet on this list, the manufacturer recommends sticking the antenna, just like in the case of the previous model.

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