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Organic wash pads set - 60% linen and 40% cotton - handmade. Gently massages and cleanses the body. Ideally suited for dry and wet massage, peeling. Compliant with the zero waste philosophy. The pad can be washed, preferably without using detergents.  Mild soap is the best choice. Read the washing label if need it. Read more about linen and why the I Love Grain pad is so amazing.

Package Weight 0.500kg

Linen fibers are very similar in structure to a human cell. Therefore it has  beneficial effect on the human body. Linen fibers, even if they originate from contaminated soil and do not even show traces of harmful radiation; The use of linen products also affects our mood, so you should sleep on linen pillows, bedding, use linen  underwear or linen towels. Flax is resistant to fungi, bacteria, rot, helps fight eczema, skin diseases and other allergies. It also has a beneficial effect on reducing inflammation. Linen fabrics and knitted fabrics do not accumulate static electricity - even a small addition of linen fibers (up to 10%) eliminates the effect of static electricity. Linen is very hygroscopic, it is able to quickly absorb moisture. Linen is very durable, linen thread is 2 times more than cotton thread and three times more than woolen.

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