Body brush with strap for dry massage + small violet cosmetic bag – by „Dzieciaki Cudaki”

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Natural brush, sold in a set with a hand-sewn muslin cosmetic bag. This brush was created thanks to the cooperation with Monika from IG @dzieciaki_cudaki.

A natural body brush made by hand from raw beech wood and agave. A brush designed for dry body massage. Wooden product, not impregnated, it should not be exposed to water. It is possible to impregnate it with natural oil.

 Small cosmetic bag - a muslin bag for one massage brush or for other small gadgets - charger, telephone, small cosmetics. Protects the brush against dust. Perfect for a purse to tame "chaos". :)

The product is hand-sewn in a small sewing studio in Opole, from certified, muslin cotton. Embroidery made in an embroidery shop in Opole.

The washing instructions on the label sewn inside the product.

Dry massage - benefits:

- natural skin peeling

- stimulation of blood and lymph circulation

- improvement of skin tone, firmness and tension

- oxygenation of the skin

- improvement of skin smoothness

- removal of dead skin

- help with "ingrown" hairs

- the skin is prepared for better absorption of skin care cosmetics

- regular brushing can help reduce cellulite

The brush must be kept in a constantly dry place, do not store the brush in a wet bathroom.

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Due to the fact that the wooden brush is completely natural, it cannot come into contact with water. In order to protect the brush shaft, it can be impregnated with natural oil. Gently rub the oil into the wooden part of the brush and wait until it is completely dry, repeat the operation when the oil is completely absorbed and wait for it to dry again.


The wooden brush must not be exposed to water, as the wood will delaminate under the influence of moisture. In order to clean the bristles of the brush, you can place it in a bowl of water for a few minutes, so that the handle does not touch it. After a while, remove the brush, dry the bristles with a towel and leave it in a warm and dry place to dry with the bristles down. Never dry the brush in the sun or a radiator. The brush should be stored in a dry place, away from moisture.


  • height 15 cm
  • width 16 cm
  • circle diameter after unfolding the product 28 cm
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