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ORGANIC WASH PAD - 60% linen and 40% cotton - handmade. Gently massages and cleanses the body. Ideally suited for dry and wet massage, peeling. Compliant with the zero waste philosophy. The pad can be washed, preferably without using detergents.  Mild soap is the best choice. Read the washing label if need it. Read more about linen and why the I Love Grain pad is so amazing.

HAND AND FEET BRUSH TAMPIKO - Natural hand and feet brush made of beech wood, oiled and natural agave bristles - tampiko. Perfectly cleans, removes dirt and impurities of hands and nails. Also suitable for whole hands and feet. Impregnated wooden product should not be left in the water.

ACUPRESSURE SOCKF FOR WOMEN -  Our socks have been designed to show which areas and points on the feet are worth massaging to support your body in everyday functioning and in the case of various ailments. On the feet there is a kind of map of organs located throughout the body. The sole of the foot is also where many nerves in your body end. Skilful pressure points on the foot can help with pain in internal organs. This method also involves unblocking the channels of energy flow through the body. I LOVE GRAIN socks will take care of you and your feet!

INCENSES SCENTSUAL - FRESH MATCHA - Refreshing green tea. These incense is a perfect melange of sweetness and tartness of freshly brewed tea. Green, stimulating, joyful scent. The Scentsual collection includes incense sticks for people looking for natural but original interior fragrances. They contain only wood powder and natural oils.

BATH SALT WITH LAVENDER 250ML - L. DEEP RELAXATION - is our proprietary bath and sauna salt based on rock salt, magnesium chloride, lavender oil and herbs.

PINS - Colorful Pins will add charm to any styling and additionally show how much you like I Love Grain pillows or how you love to brush !!!

Package Weight 1.000kg
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