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WOMEN'S MUSLIN HAIRBAND - Hand-sewn, muslin, light and natural burgundy hairband for women who value comfort and elegance even in the privacy of the bathroom

MUSLIN HAIR BAND - Hand-sewn rubber band made of delicate muslin in burgundy color does not damage hair

ORGANIC FACE WASH PAD - 60% linen and 40% cotton - handmade. Gently massages and cleanses the body. Ideally suited for dry and wet massage, peeling. Compliant with the zero waste philosophy. The pad can be washed, preferably without using detergents.  Mild soap is the best choice. Read the washing label if need it. Read more about linen and why the I Love Grain pad is so amazing.

BODY BRUSH FOR DRY MASSAGE - TAMPIKO - Natural body brush made by hand from raw beech wood and agave. A brush designed for dry body massage. Wooden product, not impregnated, it should not be exposed to water. It is possible to impregnate it with natural oil.

SMALL COMB -  made of beech wood. Completely natural, biodegradable, does not pick up static electricity. Perfect for all purses, great for combing tangled hair. Big spacing between prongs helps with gentle untangling without pulling effect. Comb comes with handmade 100% natural cotton bag with embroidery. I Love Grain combs are beautiful and useful gift for everyone. Perfect for hair oiling ritual. 

PINS - Colorful Pins will add charm to any styling and additionally show how much you like I Love Grain pillows or how you love to brush !!!

6 colors to choose - please let us know in the order comment!

- pink

- violet

- orange red

- blue

- gray

- turquoise

Package Weight 1.000kg
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