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This set includes:

ORGANIC WASH PAD SET - 60% linen and 40% cotton - handmade. Gently massages and cleanses the body. Ideally suited for dry and wet massage, peeling. Compliant with the zero waste philosophy. The pad can be washed, preferably without using detergents.  Mild soap is the best choice. Read the washing label if need it. Read more about linen and why the I Love Grain pad is so amazing.

BATH SALT WITH LAVENDER 250ML - L. DEEP RELAXATION - is our proprietary bath and sauna salt based on rock salt, magnesium chloride, lavender oil and herbs.

BEESWAX CANDLES 30PSC SET -  Beeswax candles are completely natural, they improve our home microclimate and have a positive effect on our health.

Package Weight 1.000kg
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HAMMERLESS - they do not smoke, do not stain the surface with smoke

NATURAL - they do not contain artificial colors or flavors

CLEANING - beeswax candles purify the air, improve its quality in the room, eliminate unpleasant odors, dust and microorganisms

IONIZATION - they ionize the air, eliminate the positive ions that are emitted by our home electrical appliances in our homes.

FRAGRANCE - natural, delicate, pleasant scent of honey and propolis

CALMING - bee candles soothe, relax and calm down after a long day of work and exposure to artificial light. They make it easier to fall asleep in a natural environment, without access to strong lighting.

LONGER COMBUSTION - the burning time is up to 3 times longer compared to paraffin, and 2 times longer than vegetable waxes.

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