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A good comforter is an important part of a healthy, peaceful and comfortable sleep, but often choosing the perfect duvet is not so easy. New technologies, cheap and artificial materials used in the production of synthetic quilts have resulted in the fact that more and more light, poor quality quilts appear on the market, which have a very bad effect on our body.

The purchase of a down comforter is an investment for years. Although, in general, down comforters are more expensive than duvets with synthetic filling - goose down product retains its composition longer and is easy to maintain. As your synthetic-filled products age, the filling will begin to deteriorate, reducing your ability to stay warm and comfortable. This is not the case with goose down. The down comforter will keep its shape and properties, so you can enjoy a warmer, more comfortable and calmer sleep for many years. For those looking for a different type of natural duvets, we offer our certified GOTS cotton comforters - silky combination of hemp and linen or hemp and cotton.

Benefits of a goose down comforter:

  • excellent thermal insulation - provides warmth even at very low temperatures
  • made of 100% natural raw material
  • ecological
  • Provides excellent air circulation
  • effectively prevents excessive sweating
  • durable and durable
  • light
  • the comforter can be used without any problems for up to 10 years, but cannot be washed in a washing machine, and cannot be wet or flooded

Comforters are sewn by hand in the workshop in Opole. The order fulfillment time is about 7 business days.

* The duvet cover should be cleaned according to the recommendations on the washing label (do not soak in water)

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Size 150x200cm
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The synthetic quilt has a very negative effect on the thermoregulation of our body, its production and use destroys the planet and the ecosystem. In addition, when washing polyester, microplastics end up in groundwater, sea and ocean. It poisons our entire planet, animals and, of course, ourselves

Down comforters have been used for centuries and often passed down from generation to generation. Our ancestors slept on goose down and semi-down pillows, on cereal hulls, pine flakes or hay. The poorer ones added duck down. However, they were always natural fillings. In recent years we have been delighted with duvets and pillows filled with polyester. They are airtight, unhealthy and have absolutely nothing to do with ecology.


Goose Down is widely used in the production of quilts and pillows due to its excellent thermal insulation properties. Its unusual properties are primarily due to its unusual structure. Single down has a three-dimensional hook-like structure and is extremely light. All these features make it a very good insulator, and additionally guarantees the maintenance of optimal body temperature during sleep - regardless of the season.

Goose down is also extremely soft, delicate and springy (elasticity determines the extent to which the down is able to store air - the greater the elasticity - the better). Therefore, despite the fact that the down comforter is very warm - it is also very light and therefore perfect not only for sleeping, but also for transport. While sleeping under a duvet of goose down, you can feel like in a soft, cozy cloud.

Another advantage of goose down is that this material "breathes". It also has moisture wicking properties so it does not trap perspiration, keeping you cool and dry all night long. This means a comfortable sleep thanks to the perfect regulation of body temperature.

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