Mustard seeds for Gaja



If you want to replace your filling in a pillow, you can purchase grains or husks separately. Pour your existing filling into compost, garden or BIO waste, and add a new one to your lining.

White mustard emits positive radiation of very high power. Each dried seed produces a biofield with a radius of about 10 cm. In the past, knowing its unique, health-promoting properties, mustard-filled pouches and belts were sewn under the clothes. Mustard seeds not only have an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect, but also balance the human biofield, supporting cell regeneration and stimulating the vegetative nervous system.Therefore, we highly recommend I Love Grain products filled with mustard seeds! Linen and cotton are durable and durable materials (with antiallergic and breathable properties) that do not wear out and deteriorate even after frequent washing and many years of use, always ensuring the same comfort and freshness as the first time.

Since the dawn of time, humans have used natural resources to improve their quality of life. That is why we follow nature. For the production of I Love Grain accessories we use natural materials (quality confirmed by OEKO-TEX certificates), and for filling pillows, pouffes, toys, mattresses and other accessories, we use a variety of grains, including the mustard seed described here.

Package Weight 4.000kg
Grains Mustard Seeds
Product weight 3.500 kg
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