Natural products are healthy, but are all creations of nature actually ecological? Much depends on how and where they are cultivated. Farmlands located close to roads, where artificial fertilizers and pesticides are being used, can hardly be called ecological. The hulls obtained from organically grown cereals have biological value, which you won’t find in case of cereals that are grown using chemical fertilizers, where the biological value decreases by at least 50%. Artificial additives, pesticides, as well as atmospheric pollution affect the reduction in the quality of crops. Selecting grains, we avoid above all pesticides and nitrates, which have a negative impact on our body. Pesticides damage the work of many of the internal organs; deregulate the hormonal balance and lower resistance to infections. Nitrite at high levels in the body may cause cyanosis of infants and children, and after a prolonged use – are leading to cancer. These substances can enter the body through the skin, therefore, we especially verify whether the grains used at I Love Grain are cultivated on organic farms.

To keep all the beneficial qualities of cereals, it is necessary to care for their quality at every stage – beginning from the crops, through storing and distribution, and ending with the process itself. We pay attention to every aspect in order to guarantee our customers complete security and satisfaction. The ecological grain hulls have hypoallergenic properties; inhibit the growth of microorganisms, bacteria and dust mites. In addition, they block the adverse electromagnetic field, and the quiet rustle of grains pouring inside the pillowcase soothes nerves and helps sleeping.

I Love Grain mean not only eco-​friendly pillows, but a return to the most natural environment as the nature is. We use all this, which is given to us by the Earth in best possible way and use also the knowledge transmitted by our ancestors. They knew very well that nature will take care of us, provided that we will take care of the nature.



This is one of the most valued crops, with a history dating back more than 4,000 years. Already in ancient times it was known for its extraordinary properties, not only as food, but also for therapeutic and nourishing qualities. These seeds are protected by hulls and that is what we use in our products. Hulls are hard, but at the same time flexible, so they have the ability to adjust to the body shape. Already centuries ago they were used as filler for pillows and mattresses for rich people living in luxury. Currently, none of the artificial materials is able to compete with buckwheat in terms of comfort, ergonomics and health values.

Learn about the priceless features of hulls and their application. Here are just some of them:

  • Allergenic properties – red eyes, itchy skin or early morning runny nose will soon be forgotten. Buckwheat does not cause allergy, in addition it contains theanine, a substance which hinders the development and reproduction of dust mites and bacteria.
  • Anti-​bedsore properties – pillows or mattresses filled with hull spontaneously adapt to the position of the lying person preventing pressure ulcers and skin sore.
  • Absorb moisture – scales allow a continuous exchange of heat and moisture between the body and its surroundings, which make the mattress or pillow do not heat up from the body temperature and absorbs perspiration to evaporate it into the environment.
  • A better relaxation, less stress – buckwheat properties include neutralization of harmful electromagnetic radiation; it is also an excellent reflector.
  • Stimulate microcirculation and peripheral circulation – accessories filled with buckwheat hulls can be successfully used as products for body massage, stimulating microcirculation and peripheral circulation.
  • Thermal comfort – a simple pillow filled with synthetic material heats up very quickly, while with buckwheat hull it maintains a constant, comfortable temperature, ensuring a pleasant and relaxing night’s sleep. This stops the continuous turning of pillows to the cooler side.

ATTENCION! Remember to always thoroughly dry pillowcase before you put the hulls in it again. For those who have chosen buckwheat husks we recommend buying an additional pillowcase so that every month the husk can be transferred into a fresh pillowcase, to avoid discoloration. It allows the pillowcase to remain white and retain the aesthetic qualities



OSpelt is an old and a little bit underrated grain genre, which was known in ancient times. It was grown in the Middle East and Europe, as well as in the Caucasus and Mesopotamia. In the 12th century, the Prioress of a Benedictine monastery said about it: “spelt leads to good blood, gives a relaxed character and virtue of satisfaction.” Most people probably associate it with taste values, but its use is much wider. You’ll think: “cereal is just cereal” – right? Well, it is not. It is known for many great health benefits and medicinal properties, often at an almost metaphysical level – as it is characterized by exceptionally favorable radiation, creating a healthy bio-​field, improving the work of the nervous system, minimizing symptoms of depression and mitigating all sorts of aches and pains. Thanks to these features, it is perfect as healthy and natural fill for mattresses and pillows.

Scale spelt has a number of beneficial effects:

  • Pain relieve – stop morning pains of the spine and muscles. On this mattress you’ll sleep like never before and the positive bio-​field generated by scales reduces discomfort in rheumatic diseases.
  • Anti-​sweat – sheets drenched with sweat? Is a thing of the past! Scales perfectly absorb moisture and give it to the air, so that it is always dry and does not heat up from body heat.
  • Anti-​bedsore – a loose structure of the mattress causes the mattress to adapt to the shape of the body and does not create pressure points. It is an excellent choice for people forced to be lying long term in one position.
  • Facilitate rehabilitation – reduces muscle and ligaments tension, rehabilitation activities are thus easier and more effective.
  • Improve blood circulation -While sleeping on the mattress, the body is gently massaged, which has a beneficial effect on blood circulation in limbs.
  • Ensure better quality of sleep –you will not remember the night spent on this mattress, because you’ll simply have a good sleep!


Millet (Panicum miliaceum) belongs to the collection of very old crops – it was rumored several hundred years ago in Europe and Asia.

In the Middle Ages, the cultivation of millet was limited to other cereals. It was not until the half of the twentieth century that it returned and millet began to back to “favors”. Various types of this cereal, mainly cereal, but also flour or flakes, began to return to our menus. Currently, millet groats, or peeled millet, are appreciated by people who do not eat gluten, vegetarians, as well as every advocate of healthy and unprocessed food

Millet has many valuable health properties, depending on whether it is consumed or used as a filling for pillows or other accessories. Millet grains contain a significant amount of phosphorus, calcium, zinc, iodine, potassium, sodium, magnesium and bromine, vitamins B1 and B2.

Millet and its hull give the body stability, have a positive effect on the process of wound healing and bone healing. Frequent placing in places of fractures, reduces pain and accelerates regeneration. Small grains accumulate heat, which is why I Love Grain eye pillows, after heating them first, reduce symptoms in the area of​the head and eyes, i.e. migraine headaches, tension headaches caused by stress or pains around the eyes and eye sockets. In the case of sinus pain, or simply clogged canals of the paranasal gland, the pillow used regularly helps often to a large extent in solving this type of problems. This grain is gluten-​free, which is why people who are allergic to gluten often choose millet or its hull.



Wheat is not equal wheat. Many of its varieties has been long forgotten – among them emmer wheat, which was the basis for food of our ancestors. Now we rediscover its health-​promoting properties, using it not only in the kitchen, but also as filling in household elements and toys.Emmer wheat was one of the first cultivated varieties – it was sown in the Middle East already about 10 thousand years BC. As the researchers say, it was also popular in Poland, where she was found until the 7th century. Emmer seed is unique in many ways. It has wide nutritional properties and the contained gluten has not such strong allergenic properties as the common wheat that is why it is being recommended to people with celiac disease and gluten intolerance.
Emmer wheat is not necessarily the only source of the highly prized grain. Also the hulls have a number of valuable health properties. Is primarily supple and lightweight, which makes it the ideal fill for pillows. These are, however, not all its advantages! Household items filled with this type of grain work on many senses at once. Not only they will affect the nerve endings, but also impress with subtle, honeyed aroma, secreted by the grain. Equally relaxing can be the gentle rustling of hulls moving inside the pillow cover.

The basic properties of the emmer wheat hulls include:

  • Analgesic effect – a pillow filled with emmer wheat hull heated to about 50 degrees Celsius will provide ideal compress for sore muscles – especially as the hull will adapt to the aching place, enveloping it carefully.
  • Helps relax and calm down – soft and delicately scented filling soothes all the senses, allowing you to quickly set sail into the realm of sleep
  • Stimulates the nervous system – pillows filled with this type of grain not only fit perfectly to the body and let you discover a quality of sleep so far unknown, but also offer a gentle relaxing massage by moving hulls
  • Allows for a peaceful and restorative sleep – mattress filled with hull provides the ability a natural – which means fully comfortable – position during sleep.