Hair brush



A natual hair brush made from certified beech wood. Perfectly combs significantly tangled hair. Pneumatic pillow provides perfect support for hair which is also protecting hair from pulling. 

Brush advantages: 

- Polish product 

- 100% natural boar hair 

- additional nylon bristle in each cluster of hair 

- pneumatic pillow 

- ecological beech wood FSC ®

Perfect for all hair types, especially for thick, curly or tangled. Beautifully combs, lays and stylizes hair. Recommended for weak, breakable, thin and devitalized hair. 

Brush has two engraveries: on hand and on head. It comes with bag made from ecological cotton. Bag has an embroidery. Bag helps keeping the brush clean. The brush is a perfect gift for everyone who is taking care of their hair. 

Brush has an additional nylon bristle in each cluster of boar hair which makes combing easier and smoother - especially for thick or curly hair. 

The lack of one hair cluster in one of the holes in the pneumatic pillow is intended and is not considered a defect. It is a technical hole neccesary for proper work of pneumatic pillow. 

The brush is made from ecological beech wood certified by FSC ®


Total length: 24,5 cm  

Brush width: 8,7 cm 

Handle length: 11 cm

Handle width: 3,2 cm 

Package Weight 0.600kg
Product weight 0.400 kg
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