Heat pad with black mustard seeds - different colors - Mindfulness collection

Kolor poduszki


Our wellbeing is not always perfect, sometimes we have a headache, stomachache , neck stiffness, we have a flu or we just do not feel good. That happens not only to us but also to our children. What can we do to naturally support our organisms during those situations?

We love what Nature gives us, that is why we always look for a solution in Her resources. We offer you the natural  I Love Grain heat pads from MINDFULNESS collection. The heat pads are made of 100% certified OECO-TEX cotton and filled with natural ingredients such as black mustard seeds. These grains have amazing health properties which are pain relief, anti-inflammatory, warming or cooling, as needed. Here you can read about black mustard seeds which are certainly known from our I Love Grain pillows and has anti watercourse properties, relieves muscle pain, rheumatic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. The heat pads are completely safe, we can decide their temperature ourselves, we do not have contact with rubber or electricity as in the case of used electric pillows.

Package Weight 1.100kg
Size 28 cm x 17 cm
Grains Black mustard seeds
Product weight 0.950 kg
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