Thyme 40g



We decided to use the aroma and properties of thyme essential oils in our products. We offer carefully made pouches of medicinal herbs and herbal mixtures that you can insert into your I Love Grain pillow or set next to your bed as air freshener. The soothing scent will lull you to sleep each evening, guaranteeing better rest, and in the morning you will wake up in a good mood – relaxed and ready to take on daily challenges. The aroma of thyme is strongly similar to herbal thyme, it can therefore be used for cooking, but the real effects are disclosed in herbalism. A thyme infusion relieves menstrual cramps and headaches, strengthens the body and boosts energy, opens the airways, disinfects mucous membranes, helps with bloating and indigestion, and supports in fighting acne.

Package Weight 0.050kg
Product weight 0.040 kg

Thyme can be added to a bath for relaxation, it is also an ingredient of many perfumes and skin cosmetics. Aromatic oils with this herb helps to relax, relieve stress, and affect favorably the respiratory system. As you can see it is a plant with countless beneficial properties. It is also highly appreciated by us.

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