Mustard seeds 100g



Natural products are just healthy, and mattresses and pillows filled with grains allow such comfortable rest as never seen before. This is a completely different dimension of experience, almost metaphysical. The properties of this remarkable plant were known already in ancient Rome and Greece, where it was treated as a wonderful aphrodisiac, a cure for digestive problems, as well as remedy against inflammation and rheumatic pains. Mustard is applied with success in various forms – for consumption, in form of ointment and in dried form as filling of formulated products.

  • Relieves rheumatic pains and arthritis – forget about pains; mustard products have massaging properties and the grain itself radiates pain away – that is why a mattress with such filing will be better than any physiotherapy session.
  • Relaxing and stress-relieving effect – the mattress and pillows filled with mustard seed act as a massager, and even better results can be achieved by asking your partner to perform a relaxing massage.
Package Weight 0.110kg
Product weight 0.100 kg
  • Allows you to relax your spine and relieves muscle pain - grains spontaneously adapt to the shape of the body and position of a lying person. Resting is more effective; the back and neck are in their most comfortable position.
  • Acts as a re-radiator and bio-stimulator - mustard emits a strong biofield, stimulating the immune system of the body. In addition, it removes the effect of the electromagnetic field and reduces negative impact of watercourses.
  • Prevents the development of pressure ulcers - this is particularly important for people who are forced to a prolonged bed rest.
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