Cloves 40g



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Add your favorite herbs to I LOVE GRAIN products (e.g. headbands, pillows or poufs). Trying to reach for what Nature has the best cloves, we also use in our products. Aromatic cloves bring relief in a headache, soothe our nervous system and calm down. So let's heat the band or cushion before use to release valuable aromas. The smell coming from heated products I LOVE GRAIN will also help future mothers and everyone else who is struggling with nausea. Falling asleep on a pillow with the addition of cloves or relaxing with a clove band on the eyes, the sleep will be deeper and calmer and the inhaled essential oils will help cleanse the body of toxins. Cloves clean the upper respiratory tract very well, so they work perfectly in case of problems with clogged sinuses, runny nose and upper respiratory tract infections.

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