Black mustard seeds 100g


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Add your favorite herbs to I LOVE GRAIN products (e.g. headbands, pillows or poufs). Mustard has found wide application in natural medicine. We use many of its features to manufacture our accessories. Natural products are simply healthy, and mattresses and pillows filled with grains allow for such a comfortable rest that you have never known before. It's a completely different dimension, almost metaphysical.

• Relieves pain of various origins - forget about pain, mustard products have analgesic and massage properties, therefore a hot water bottle or eye band with such a filling will have a soothing effect on headaches, migraine or sinus pain. A hot water bottle soothes rheumatic pains and arthritis, and a mustard pillow will provide protection against so-called water veins.
• Relaxing and de-stressing effect - a cushion with mustard or a small hot water bottle act as a massager, thanks to small grains we stimulate microcirculation and gently massage our body, head or face. We often choose small mustard pillows for our children to soothe pain during colic.

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