Bolster with spelt hull 72cm - blue - Collection of "Krystyno nie denerwuj matki"

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A natural bolster  - certified cotton, filled with organic cereal hulls or pine flakes (buckwheat hulls, spelled, flat cut, millet), tied with white cotton strings. The pillowcase is easy to wash, all you have to do is untangle the strings, and wash in the washing machine. The lining has a special zipper to protect against unwanted spilling. The bolster can be used as a sleeping pillow, pregnancy pillow or roller for exercises, e.g. yoga. The diameter of the bolster, depending on the filling, is about 20 cm.

Read more about spelt hull here. * The Spelt Hull will be whole or shredded - the form depends on the actual delivery of the hulls. Both forms are shown in the photos and do not affect the properties of the hull.

Package Weight 4.200kg
Color Blue
Size 72 cm
Grains Spelt Hull
Product weight 3.400 kg
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How to use a yoga bolster :

Each bolster can have different applications depending on its shape and size. Their main functions are to facilitate relaxation, deepen the position and help in opening the body. They are widely used in restorative, prenatal and lyengar yoga.

Some yoga positions where rollers can be used - Savasana, Sukhasana, Paschimottanasana, Upavistha, Ustrasana, Salamba Eka Pada Rajakapotasana (Pigeon Pose)

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