Knee pillow - separator - with spelt hull - blue/lime

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Pillow between the knees (separator) is a completely natural pillow that supports our sleep and relaxation. Despite its universal nature, its main purpose is to support the knees while sleeping on the side.

The knee separator pillow has a removable cover that can be washed. Inside, there is a lining that is filled with organic grain hulls. Here you can read more about spelt hull. * The Spelt Hull will be whole or shredded - the form depends on the actual delivery of the hulls. Both forms are shown in the photos and do not affect the properties of the hull.


• after hip replacement surgery,

• for side sleepers

• wide application in the prevention of bedsore,

• provides anatomical positioning of the hips while lying on the side,

• reduces tension in the knee joints,

• supportive product for pregnant women

• helps to relax the lumbar spine and pelvis

The insert can be pulled out and gently heated in the oven or on a heater. Only adults can heat their pillow in the oven. Never leave your pillow in a hot oven for more than 10 minutes. Always use a clean ovenproof dish to protect the cartridge from dirt. Place the insert on the lowest level in the oven to prevent the oven from burning the product. In order to warm up the insert, put it in a preheated oven to 100 degrees for no longer than 10 minutes. Heating the product should be supervised!

Package Weight 2.000kg
Grains Spelt Hull
Product weight 1.200 kg


- pull-out cartridge

- possibility of heating or cooling the pillow insert

- perfect for people with joint pains

- dimensions: 27x27x7cm

- pillowcase material: Oeko_tex certified emery diagonal cotton

- material of the insert: Oeko_tex cotton satin

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