Travel pillow with emmer hull 28x17cm - lime/lime/blue - Collection of "Krystyno nie denerwuj matki"



Choose your natural and the most comfortable pillow that easily fits into any suitcase and handbag. Ideally adapts to the shape of our body, properly supporting the head. The best choice for a car, train or plane travels. Give a loved one a healthy and practical present and choose one of the herbal pillows. Choose the main filling and add the herbs if necessary. Here you can read about emmer hull. 

Package Weight 0.700kg
Color Blue
Size 28 cm x 17 cm
Grains Emmer Wheat Hull
Product weight 0.550 kg
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The small TRAVEL PILLOW cushion is ideal for heating: – relieves rheumatic pain and arthritis, – it is soothing in the case of stomachache in older children and baby colic, – ideally supports pregnant women, giving relief in places affected by additional strain (especially lumbar spine), – relaxing and stress-​relieving, – a mustard seeds pillow through its delicate and small grains, gently massage the place where the pillow is placed, – relieves muscle pain, – works as a radiator and biostimulator – the mustard seed emits strong biopoles that stimulate the body’s immune system. In addition, it removes the effect of the electromagnetic field and reduces the negative impact of watercourses. AS A COLD PAD could be also as a cold compress or pillow. Put the I Love Grain travel pillow into a clean dish or foil bag to avoid getting wet and leave it in the fridge for about 1 hour. After that time its temperature will allow you to alleviate the pain.

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