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Hulls are first of all completely natural that is why I Love Grain products are much healthier for the human body than those made of plastic such as thermoplastic foam, Styrofoam balls or polyester filling. Moreover, the hulls are extremely soft and pleasant to touch, making all our products filled with it adapt to the shape of the body, providing a hitherto unknown comfort. Due to its hypoallergenic properties, the hulls are ideal also for filling of children’s toys. A perfect gift even for a baby!
Once, one used every part of the plant, so that nothing was wasted. One even found use for wastes remaining after husking seeds. Now we would like to offer you the benefits of this natural fill that was known already many centuries ago!
Hulls can be used up to 10 years, however, after 1.5 year they slowly lose their best health properties. So from time to time you should change the filling of your favorite I Love Grain pillow.
Additional cereal hulls, which can be purchased from our online store, will allow you to exchange the filling any time, whenever you need. You can also give someone the whole set- a pillow, pillow case and the favorite type of hulls. To keep all the beneficial qualities of cereals it is necessary to care for their quality at every stage – from the crops, through warehousing and distribution and ending with the processing. We pay attention to every aspect, in order to guarantee our customers complete security and satisfaction. Organic cereal hulls have anti-​allergic properties and inhibit the growth of micro-​organisms, bacteria and dust mites. In addition, they block the adverse effects of electromagnetic fields, and the quiet rustle of pouring grains inside the pillowcase soothes the nerves and helps sleeping.
I Love Grain stand not only for eco-​friendly pillows, but moreover for the return to the most natural environment known – our nature. We use all this, which the Earth gives us and use the knowledge as had our ancestors. They knew that nature will take care of us, provided that we will take care of her.