Wooden Spoon ILG


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A wooden spoon is an indispensable element of any kitchen. It is perfect for mixing dishes in pots and pans, and thanks to its special shape, it is much easier to scrape off food remnants from hard-to-reach places.

Made of natural wood, the spoon is a durable tool that is safe even for Teflon utensils.

Package Weight 0.500kg
Product weight 0.030 kg
MATERIAŁ beech wood
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Remember to impregnate a wooden spoon thoroughly before using it for the first time. Rub it with natural oil. After such treatment, wash the spoon with hot water, put it on a clean cloth and let it dry. When it is dry, repeat the procedure. Such home impregnation will make the wood less absorbent, will not undergo intense aromas and will not change color, for example, when it comes into contact with "dyeing" food, such as red borscht or curry chicken.

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