Brush for washing vegetables and fruits



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This brush is perfect for cleaning vegetables and fruit in the kitchen. With its help, you can easily remove dirt and harmful pesticides. Vegetables and fruit should be washed properly, rather than peeled, because many valuable substances are contained in the peel. Did you know that carrot peel contains approx. 85% of all polyphenols?

The product is ecological and biodegradable. Our brush is an ideal alternative to washers commonly made of plastic. By using our products from the Kitchen Accessories collection, you care for health and the environment.

Package Weight 0.500kg
Size 13 cm/ 5,5 cm/ 4 cm
Product weight 0.100 kg
MATERIAŁ beech wood, tampico, bassin
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It is made of beech wood, while the bristles are natural tampico (light part) and bassin (dark part) fibers.

In order to extend the life of the wooden brush, it is recommended to impregnate it thoroughly before the first use. Rub it with natural oil. After such a procedure, wash with hot water, put it on a clean cloth and let it dry. When it is dry, repeat the procedure.

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