Travel pillow with buckwheat hulls - different colours



You finally found your perfect travel pillow!

You must try it - after all, your head will be properly supported on every journey. In addition, the weight of the pillow will have a relaxing effect. Putting a load on the shoulders and neck will relax tense muscles and will help you relax and travel comfortably. CLICK HERE.

Take it on the train, car, plane, on a business trip or on vacation.

Made in a small sewing room in Opole from the best quality materials.

The inner layer - white cotton, secured with a zipper that allows the contents to be poured out.

Outer layer - GOTS-certified cotton, tied with strings, enabling the pillow to be attached at the neck or on a suitcase. Inside, you can choose from organic buckwheat, spelled or pine flakes.

Both layers can be machine washed according to the recipe on the care label.

Package Weight 2.500kg
Grains Buckwheat Hull
Product weight 1.300 kg
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