Pregnancy bolster with buckwheat hulls - different colours

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Pregnancy roller - perfect for women at every stage of pregnancy and in the puerperium. The roller perfectly supports, relieves tired muscles and supports a woman at various stages of pregnancy development. It fits perfectly during sleep, rest and relaxation. Helpful during feeding the baby, exercises after childbirth.

The product is completely natural, sewn in certified, organic GOTS cotton, filled with organic buckwheat husk, spelled or pine flakes.

Two layers make it easy to keep the product clean. The outer layer is tied with strings, it can be easily removed and washed. Nice to touch and delicate material gives the feeling of "hugging" the pillow.

The inner layer is made of certified cotton, it contains a zipper that allows the scales to be poured out when it is necessary to replace it or to wash the pillowcase.

Package Weight 7.500kg
Grains Buckwheat Hull
Product weight 5.600 kg
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