Multifunctional pillow with buckwheat hulls - different colours

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Multifunctional pillow - for sleeping, for work or for feeding a baby. Perfectly supports, adjusting individually to each shape. Very convenient to support the laptop at work, both on the couch or armchair, as well as in the classic position at the desk.

Fully natural, made of certified, organic GOTS cotton, filled with organic buckwheat husk.

Package Weight 4.500kg
Grains Buckwheat Hull
Product weight 3.000 kg
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Two layers of the product make it easy to keep clean. The outer layer is tied with strings, it can be removed and washed. Nice to touch and delicate material will perfectly match any interior.

The inner layer is made of certified cotton in a small sewing room in Opole. The lining has a zipper that allows the shell to be poured out when it needs to be replaced or for washing the pillowcase.

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