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Buy a linen ornamental pillow, beautiful and above all healthy for your living room or a bedroom. Linen I Love Grain Pillows are made of 100% certified material (REACH certificate). In the middle is a  cotton lining filled with buckwheat, spelt or wheat hulls and depending on individual choice, different types of herbs. You can read more about buckwheat hull here. Extra protection in the lining, in the form of a bed liner is childproof. With this kind of lock, no child alone can open the pillow. The lining provides comfort for easy pillow maintenance to ensure cleanliness. Simply remove the linen pillowcase and wash it according to the instructions on the label and re-pack the linen lining. Decorative pillows are filled with more scales, which makes them beautifully presented on the sofa or in the bedroom.

Package Weight 2.500kg
Size 40 cm x 40 cm
Grains Buckwheat Hull
Product weight 2.000 kg

Use direction:

I Love Grain cushions have with more hulls, which makes them larger than sleeping pilows. Therefore, we suggest that people use the I Love Grain linen pillow as a sleeping pillow with the reduced  amount of hulls  to fit individual needs.

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