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Lyapko multi-needle massager / applicator "Universal roller" - has the optimal size of the working surface. Due to the perfectly selected distances between the needles, it can certainly be used by people of all age groups without restrictions.

The universal roller is easy to use, safe and non-invasive. Its high efficiency is recommended as a roller not only for use by specialists but also for independent use at home.

* after opening the box with the applicator, the product is not returnable, because the applicators in their use have direct contact with the skin, and for health protection and hygiene reasons, after their use by one person, disinfection or sterilization before use by another person is required.

The contraindications for the use of multi-needle rollers include:

  • tumors,
  • the first trimester of pregnancy,
  • fresh, unhealed wounds,
  • skin diseases (e.g. eruptions, herpes, mycosis),
  • damage to the skin layers (burns, frostbites, wounds),
  • acute infectious diseases,
  • acute surgical conditions,
  • allergy to nickel contained in the applicators.

Warts or moles should be covered with a plaster. All indications, contraindications and the use of needle applicators during specific ailments are described in detail in the Lyapko applicators booklet. Application methodology attached to the order.

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  • Dr Lyapko rehabilitation roller is designed to affect various parts of the body. It is most convenient to massage the body parts with small radii of curvature - back, shoulders, neck, head, joints, outer part of the foot, arms and legs. The Lyapko roller also works well for face and neckline massage.
  • The roller treatment should last approximately 10-15 minutes on each massaged part of the body. The exact time of exposure depends on the sensitivity of the skin and the specific symptoms.
  • The use of a roller to massage the back and other hard-to-reach parts of the body requires the help of a second person.
  • In the case of acute and intense pain, increased blood pressure, irritation, agitation, insomnia, it is recommended to use the applicator in the second half of the day or at bedtime. The time of performing a massage with a roller is approx. 5-10 minutes for the massaged part of the body.
  • In chronic pain, drowsiness, weakness, reduced sensitivity, massage with a universal roller is most effective in the morning and in the first half of the day. The time of massaging with a roller is 3-7 minutes.


  • It is noteworthy that Dr. Lyapko's universal roller is perfect for slimming and correcting the figure - as a cellulite roller. That is why roller massage helps in getting rid of fat and cellulite.
  • Certainly, it is also ideal for face massage thanks to the minimum spacing between the needles - 3.5 mm. Due to the formation of galvanic currents at the tips of the needles and between them, the Roller actively affects the muscles of the face and neck. By toning the skin, we achieve a lifting effect, improve the oval of the face and raise the second chin.
  • The roller needles do not damage the skin when they touch the skin. The method is effective, pleasant and non-invasive, i.e. it completely excludes the transmission of infections.


  • At home - it is recommended to wash the applicator with liquid soap and running water and to dry it after washing with a stream of hot air (dryer).
  • In medical facilities for sterilization of applicators, commonly used medical preparations are used to disinfect equipment surfaces. With correct use of the applicator, its shelf life is 5 - 7 years.


  • roller dimensions: 51 × 72 mm
  • spacing between needles: 3.5 mm
  • number of needles: 496
  • the composition of the needles: iron, copper, zinc, silver
  • base: medical gum
  • warranty period: 12 months
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