Set of massage cups - beige

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A set of silicone cups for body and face massage.

Cupping massage is a long-known and ancient method of removing toxins from the body. The origins of the use of cupping can be traced back to the primitive man, when attempts were made to clean wounds with suction, which was aimed at removing all impurities and harmful substances. The human mouth was replaced with bubbles made of cow horns. Vacuum therapy was extremely popular in Greece, Mesopotamia and Egypt. Cups have been used to treat all sorts of infections in order to boost the immune system. They have also been used to counteract the stagnation of both blood and lymph.

Body massage benefits:

- skin firming

- smoothing the skin

- help in the fight against cellulite

- swelling reduction

- stimulation of blood and lymph circulation

- stimulating the detoxification process

- tissue stimulation

- shallowing and regeneration of scars

- increasing relaxation

- helpful in the fight against stress and tension, especially in the shoulder area

Facial massage benefits:

- reduction of shadows under the eyes

- skin firming

- stimulation of blood and lymph circulation

- oxygenation of the skin

- improvement of color and tension

- regulation of sebum secretion

- reduction of tension and cumulative stress on the face


- varicose veins in advanced form

- high fever

- infectious diseases in the acute stage of the course

- Cancer

- pregnancy - avoid belly and breasts. If there are any contraindications to cupping, consult your treating physician.

If you are in doubt as to whether you can use cupping, consult your physician or physiotherapist. It will tell you if any medical conditions or disturbing symptoms you are having qualify as contraindications for cupping massage.

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Directions for use:

Before starting the Chinese cupping massage, the body should be lubricated with fatty oil to ensure that the massaged surface is properly lubricated. Use oil also to lubricate the bulb and its surface, thanks to this you will reduce discomfort when moving the bulb. It is best to use natural oils for massage. Grab and squeeze the bubble in such a way that the bubble sucks the skin. Depending on the strength of the skin sucking in, the massage will be gentler or more intense. Massage the whole body, starting from the lowest part of the legs, always towards the heart. Massage the selected part of the body with circular movements. Massage should be performed with firm movements to avoid stretching the skin.


After each use, wash the canisters with warm (not hot) soapy water. Wipe with a dry cloth or let it dry on its own.

Warning! The new bulbs are quite stiff, and as they are used, they will become more flexible and easier to use. Their durability and service life is very long.


Body massage cups:

1 x big cup: height 7,8 cm, diameter 7,7 cm

1 x small cup: height 5,5 cm, diameter 5,0 cm

Face massage cups:

1 x big cup: height 8 cm, diameter 4,8 cm

1 x small cup: height 5 cm, diameter 1,5 cm

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