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The natural brush with a handle can be used to massage the body both dry and wet. Made by hand from plywood and agave fibers, it is much more resistant to water. Comfortable and handy to use, the brush has a longer handle, thanks to which you can massage those parts of the body that have been difficult to reach with a brush with a strap so far.

Package Weight 0.500kg
Size 23cm / 4cm / 7,5cm
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- natural skin peeling

- stimulation of blood and lymph circulation

- improvement of the color, firmness and tension of the skin

- oxygenation of the skin

- improvement of skin smoothness

- removal of dead skin

- help in the case of "ingrown" hairs

- the skin is prepared for better absorption of care cosmetics

- regular brushing can help reduce cellulite

After each bath, the brush should be dried well. Massage during the bath will be more gentle than a dry massage. This is due to the wetting of the agave fibers, which are not so rough in the bath. The smell of agave when wet is specific, it does not change the value of the product and does not affect its suitability for use.

To clean the brush, use soapy water, rinse the brush under running water, dry it and put it back until it is completely dry in a dry place. Do not dry the brush on the radiator.

Brush made of wooden plywood.

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