Lyapko - massager Pharaoh



The “Faraon” massager is a modern, polymer applicator by Dr. Lyapko, size 10x10x10cm *. This product is widely used in diseases of the circulatory, respiratory and digestive systems. It is a universal massage device that allows you to increase the effectiveness of massage up to 2 times. The use of four planes enables the performance of four forms of general and local massage, as well as five types of point massage. This structure allows you to provide a variety of sensations, as well as adjust the intensity to the age, weight of the patient and the type of disease.

Therapy with this massager has a positive effect on the body, bringing harmony to the whole body. Massage with the applicator helps to eliminate cellulite, stimulates blood circulation and activates metabolism.

Four types of massage intensity:

  • light massage - performed in a circular motion with large radius balls (base),
  • more intense massage - performed with large hemispheres located at the base of the pyramid,
  • deep massage - performed by means of conical protrusions with spherical tops,
  • the most intense massage - performed with sharp conical projections

Massage time:

  • short, toning - 3-7 min.
  • long, relaxing - up to 15 minutes.

* Colors are sent randomly (red orange, yellow, green, blue)

Package Weight 0.500kg
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Product features:

  • safe
  • easy to use
  • various in application
  • large selection of massage intensity
  • universal


  • Made of ecological, durable polymer, does not pick up static when rubbed. Its shape resembles a methane gas molecule.
  • Additional protrusions on the massager surfaces, such as nodules of various shapes, in the form of hemispheres and cones with a rounded tip, transform each ball into a regularly constructed pyramid. The top of the applicator is crowned with a crown, which enhances its uniqueness.


  • abscesses
  • ulcers
  • damaged skin layers


  • In case of using the "Pharaoh" massager at home, it is recommended to only wash it under running water,
  • however, in offices or health care facilities, applicators should be cleaned with a disinfectant
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