Foot massager

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Foot massage can be beneficial. It brings relief after many hours of work in a standing position, allows you to relax after a stressful day, and supports post-traumatic rehabilitation. On the foot, a man has many active points, the so-called reflections that are responsible for individual organs in the human body. Stimulating these points helps to get rid of numerous pain ailments.

Reflexology, known even in antiquity, describes exactly what area should be massaged to obtain satisfactory results. Thanks to the stimulation of reflexes, we will improve blood circulation and general well-being. Foot massage supports us in such ailments as, for example: headache, neck pain, spine pain, muscle pains, digestive and rheumatic problems. We do not always have the opportunity and time to visit a therapist, physiotherapist or reflexology treatment. Massagers will help us to do a self-massage at work, at home or on the road for immediate relief.

Package Weight 1.000kg
Product weight 0.800kg

Product advantages:

- light

- easy to use

- 100% natural

- biodegradable

- relaxes tense muscles

- improves blood and lymph circulation

- helpful in various ailments

- made in Poland

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