Jaśka pillow with millet hull 40x40 - different colours

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Natural, healthy and non-allergenic pillowcase, best for your child! The material is 100% natural cotton with a OECO_TEX certificate, so that the child sleeps peacefully, not having contact with artificial materials that build static and have negative effects on health. Does not stop moisture, therefore, does not create an environment for the development of micro-organisms. Eco-filling in the form of buckwheat hulls or spelt gives you an ideal, most healthy pillow, you can ensure your child. Here you can read more about millet hull

Thanks to the standard size, you can dress the I Love Grain pillow into the favorite pillowcase of your child or buy one extra, which you use while washing your previously used pillowcase. A special zip prevents accidental spilling of hulls and a soft edge makes the zip undetectable during sleep.

The pillow is sold in a set and includes:

  • Cotton white insert with zipper filled with hull
  • Cotton pillowcase with colorful trimming and logo

You can also buy a decorative cover for the pillow. The cover is not included.

Package Weight 3.000kg
Size 40 cm x 40 cm
Grains Millet Hulls
Product weight 2.500 kg
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